This is the story of the truth that nobody would listen to or know.

Many times earlier, people had been on the track of it, but for various reasons, the truth was not told even though many believed in what they said, but the truth it was not. The people who were meant to understand and tell the truth lived somewhere where the truth did not flourish. They thought the truth was very simple and they were actually right. But those who were supposed to tell them the truth, and who should know it very well, simply repeated what they had been told for generations, forgetting that the truth was simple and understandable. Then, those who lived in the truth found a way to convey the truth to the humanity and some years ago, actually many years ago, the truth was written down into a book and tried to convey to those who should know the truth and many listened but no one spoke. The humans continued to live without knowing the truth and it went so far that those who should know the truth fewer and fewer listened to, because people could not recognize the truth in their speeches and they only continued to maintain chaos in humans quest for the truth. Their untruths had become so obvious to humans, so it was normal not to listen to them, but try to find better answers elsewhere, but better answers the humanity did not find, so they finally thought that the truth was what they saw and knew to where they lived.

Then one day there came a man who also search the truth, like many others and in his quest he found this book as those who knew the truth should tell people about. A great joy filled him who found the book and in his joy he told the others that this book of truth existed. But as before, none of those who thought they knew the truth wanted to know the message in the book. But the joy of finding the truth meant that he wrote and poached for many years, because even though none of those who conveyed the truth did, he knew that it was only a matter of time before many more learned about the truth.

To those who will not wait for someone else to tell you the truth, the book about the truth is here!

No one owns the truth and everyone should have access to the truth!

Here is the short version of the truth:



Mankind's walk towards the Light!

It was a time very long ago that God and all the angels lived happily in the kingdom of heaven. Everyone had everything they needed of food, clothes and knowledge. They did not need to eat to live in the Kingdom of God, but there are some fruits there that taste completely celestial.

They lived happily in their heavenly homes and when they were to visit each other, they could choose whether to go or soar just by thinking where they wanted, they came where they wanted.

God had created them as male and female, two and two, who belong together forever and ever. God who is one was not alone until the angels were created. God has twelve helpers who have also existed since God became.

Everyone lived happily in the kingdom of God, where the angels gradually evolved more and more for a long time, eventually they were so good at everything that God would give them even greater tasks.

And one of the tasks was to overcome evil, they had to learn that there were two great powers in the world, the good and the evil, the Light and the Darkness. Until now, they only knew the good.

Throughout the time they had lived in touch with the good power and God had sheltered them from evil. But if they did not know what evil was, then they could not choose between good and evil and then they would not be able to evolve further and the distance between God and His children would continue to be large and God would not let it be like that. He wanted his children to develop into "grown up" to understand and to implement things in a good way.

God then let his children meet darkness by telling them that He would create new children and that some of the angels would help these children where they were to live.

The darkness that affected them here was that God did not say who of the angels that would take care of the new creatures. They had to rate this themself!

Before God could create new beings, He had to give them a place to live and He chose the planet that we call Earth today. For the Earth to be a fruitful place, He created a world that surrounded the Earth as the shell around an orange and with the magic ability that this world influenced the Earth so that it created a life there, and what a life, everything was so beautiful. At that time there was no darkness there, everything was wonderful.

Some of the angels thought that we are best suited to take care of the new creatures. What they did not understand was that darkness had begun to affect them, they thought they were better than their brothers and sisters, and they traveled from the kingdom of God and stayed more and more in the world that enclosed the Earth, because it was really beautiful there.

After a while, they thought it was strange that God did not create the creatures they thought they should lead, and they thought they could create the beings themselves to be as they had been, good beings in a good world. But they did not succeed, because only God has the ability to create spiritual beings.

But through their impatience and their desire for power, evil began to affect them and everything around them. They would not wait until God had determined who would take care of and lead the creatures that God would create for a life on Earth.

God warned them over and over again and asks them to come home and wait for Him to decide who will lead the new creatures He would create. But they did not listen and continued to live in the kingdom around the Earth.

But the angels had now been away from God for so long, and were so shaped by the life they lived, that they had forgotten all about life in the Kingdom of God and they did not answer when he called on them.

Then they decided to create beings of Darkness that resembled themselves and as they believed could help them to make the order on Earth, but who had to live as animals to survive.

Again, God warned them because He saw what would happen if they created beings of Darkness, how terrible would this be for these creatures and for His first-born children!

These children of the good, of Light, manage to pull the darkness out of the wide ocean of Light.

The darkness spread out and polluted everything on its way, their homes, the Earth and their thoughts.

The angels who had now become dark servants had not seen that life on Earth had transformed from a life in the Light to a life in the Darkness, they only knew the dark life where plants and animals died after a short while.

The angels worked long before they manage to create viable imitations of themselves that could survive on Earth and eventually they had created some simple beings that were as animals and they survived by killing other animals and soaking their blood. Everything was terrible.

Many of the animals that lived on Earth were huge and killed the newly-created and it was very difficult for people to live on Earth, then God wanted to help the creatures and He made it so that the children of the big dangerous animals became weak so they did not managed to make new offspring and then the worst giant animals died out.

When these first people died, a part of their being continued to live on as a kind of shadow creature and when many people eventually died, there were many of these beings and they stayed on Earth between the living people and in the world around the Earth where the fallen angels lived.

As these creatures increase in quantity, some of the angels thought that this was terrible and they remembered their Father in heaven and shouted for help for these shadow creatures, and God answered them and said that He would help their miserable creatures by giving all of them and the living dead, each one a spiritual part so that man could develop into something more. None of the creatures that the fallen angels had created could think, they lived instinctively just like the animals; it was only when God gave them something by Him selves, a spirit that they could think and thereby understand their own existence.

The angels who had contacted God also regretted their disobedience and remembered what they had left and what they had done and God forgave them and their regret brought them home to God, but many remained in the darkened empire around the Earth.

It was not all the angels who had left the kingdom of God long ago, and those who still lived in heaven with God, eventually learned what had happened to their brothers and sisters and they became very sad.

God told them that there brother and sisters creation had become spiritually alive and that they would eventually develop to live in the kingdom of God like themselves, but the road would be very long and God then asked the remaining angels if they would help their future brothers and sisters, who lived under such difficult conditions on Earth. And everyone promised to help them!

God then created six worlds beyond the kingdom where the falling angels lived, six worlds that were to be the transient homes of the human spirits where they could rest and learn between each time they lived in the mortal bodies on Earth. These worlds become from the innermost to the outermost more beautiful and brighter so that as people evolved, they could move upwards to greater and greater beauty.

The remaining angels should not only live in the spiritual world, but also live as human beings on Earth itself, in order to help people to a greater extent.

They should live as human beings, but bring knowledge from their for existence to make life better and easier to live for humans. That way, through the help of angels, people were able to create an ever better life on Earth. This went very slowly so that everything they learned was understood by everyone.

The angels who had first created the human bodies looked at all this from their dark world and they would also like to live as humans to get away from their own world, which had now become very broken and dark. Nor did they want people to move forward toward a brighter life, they would harm the people as they themselves were hurt by the evil life they lived; they saw how much better life on Earth was than in their own world, which had become a hell for them. They therefore wanted to incarnate into human bodies in the same way as the others, to forget there own life in hell.

God warned them again because He knew that this would lead to terrible things on Earth, but they would still not hear and their eldest brother attached all his brothers and sisters to human bodies, he did this about one month before the human spirits and the other angels were incarnated. That way, they could choose children that were born into families with a lot of power. Because the fallen angels like to have power and take leadership. That was what caused them to overhear God's warning, when they left home a long time ago.

These people with the spirits of the fallen angels attached to them became terrible leaders and did all that was wrong to do on Earth. So God had to make the other angels better equipped to meet the Dark, when they were incarnated.

Sometimes these angels managed to create good conditions for the people, but then the fallen broke down what the angels had built up. This continued for a long time, back and forth, up and down. And all of this created a lot of suffering for everyone .

Those of you who have read in history books can imagine how it was!

The emissaries of God almost stopped giving up several times when the dark forces often won over them while they lived on Earth. God saw their great sorrow over all evil and when they came to Him, He helped them find new ways to spread their knowledge and He also made them better equipped to meet the challenges that came, when they lived as human beings on Earth.

Among all the angels there were two who were greater in love than all the others; one of these angels is who we know as Jesus, the last time he lived as human on Earth.

He came to the people to teach them about love and forgiveness and to pray for the salvation of his older brother, but only a few understood him. His brother, the fallen leader angel, fought against him by affecting the people so that they should not recognize Jesus as he was. And he was put to death as a criminal, for the leaders felt he threatened their power over the people. This was what happen with many of the other angels that came to help people, because it was very dark on Earth.

Back and forth, cultures and kingdoms went up and down, sometimes the good was strongest, but when the evil took over, culture and kingdoms went down.

Christ and his brothers and sisters all knew that if they managed to pray for their eldest brother while living as people on Earth, they would be able to help him remember what he had left and win him back. And the darkness would no longer have a servant who powerfully fought against them. But all as one, they failed to remember this when they were incarnated.

About eighteen hundred and fifty years after Jesus' birth on Earth, God called on him because he saw his great patience and wanted to tell him about a shortcut that could bring them all faster to the goal, a reunion in the world of Light.

The shortcut was to win our eldest brother Ardor back under the direction of God so that it would be possible to convey the truth about life on Earth. Through that, it would be easier for people to understand what it takes to find the way to the world of Light! In order to achieve this, all the earthly spirits had to be brought back to their homes in heaven, for there were many spirits of the dead who did not find their way back to their sphere of homes. In order to do this, they needed help from people who were interested in contact with the dead, the so-called spiritualists.

With great persistence and patience, the angels of Light stayed in the darkness on the Earth, invisible to the people, they addressed those who, with the vision and hearing of the spirit, could communicate with them. They found many helpers on Earth who helped the angels to bring the spirits back to their sphere homes. But they found no one that could be their aides to pray for Ardor's liberation from the Dark!

Time after time, they had to give up, when those whom they contacted on Earth failed to convey the Truth, because they should only be interested in spiritual things, but they fell to the dark when they wanted physical manifestations. And God's Messenger had to find other people who had higher ambitions than to show themselves to their fellow human beings. Because without gaining this, the story of spiritual reality would not be true, but mixed untruths just like previous stories, told by others through time.

After around 50 years of continuous contact with people on Earth, the angels found a small group in Denmark who managed to help them to win Ardor back under God's leadership and therefore conveyed the truth about our spiritual background.

And over a few years, the message "Toward the Light!" came to and was published in 1920 in Denmark.

Impact of Darkness and life in the world of darkness made very few people recognize the message at the time and so forth, up to now 98 years later.



The simple truth is recognizable to all, if you let old prejudices lie. The physical body of man is not created by God; a perfect deity would never create anything as fragile as the physical bodies, whether it be animals or humans. The spiritual world that is invisible to man is our true home. For a time, the divine reality of man is hidden, but noticeable through what separates us from all other life here on Earth, our consciousness.

Should there be any change of our perception and understanding of these things, then we must also be open to the existence of a spiritual world and that it has been in direct contact with some people here on Earth.As mentioned earlier here is the work, and now you have no excuse for not knowing the truth! :-)

Norway, October 2018

Petter Musken